National Student Bioethics Association

An initiative to promote bioethics for students across the country.

Bioethics: Centering Student Voices

2023 Virtual Conference

Sunday, April 23rd

Our Mission

National Student Bioethics Association is a national initiative committed to providing students with a unique platform to explore bioethics and engage with other students across the country.

About Us

The platform was created specifically for students and trainees who are interested in the field of bioethics, regardless of their academic level (e.g., students in high school, college, medical school, nursing and physician associate programs).

Our goals are to stimulate discussion and thinking around ethical issues in medicine and biomedical research; to provide specific resources meant to equip students with knowledge and opportunities to grow as individuals in thinking through ethical issues that arise in their own careers; and promote ethical decision-making and bioethics education at their respective schools. These goals will be accomplished by providing a selection of case studies and readings for students looking to start their own bioethics student interest groups and by highlighting opportunities to get involved in bioethics research. National Student Bioethics Association will also present opportunities to attend virtual bioethics events and learn from nationally recognized bioethicists in the field, in addition to stimulating collaborations through an online member directory and showcasing student-published bioethics works.

National Student Bioethics Association is an independent, not-for-profit organization founded in 2021.

Contact Us

If you want to get involved or simply shoot us a message, please email us or Tweet at us.