National Student Bioethics Association

Bioethics: Centering Student Voices

2023 Virtual Conference

The conference will be virtually held on Sunday, April 23rd, 2023 from 11am-5pm Eastern Time.

Information for both oral and poster presentations:
All presenters are expected to attend the conference and at least log on to the Zoom link 15 minutes prior to their designated start time. The conference will be held on a Zoom link and will not be recorded so as to facilitate open discussion. Awards will be given out for best oral presentation and poster presentation.

Additional details for oral presentations:
Oral presentations will be 15 minutes, followed by audience Q&A.

Additional details for poster presentations:
Each poster presenter will give a 2-minute overview of their poster topic and main conclusions at the conference. Posters will be grouped, and there will be an audience Q&A for each poster group.