National Student Bioethics Association

Bioethics: Centering Student Voices

2023 Virtual Conference

NSBA Conference Schedule

Sunday April 23rd, 2023

All times in Eastern Standard Time

11:00–11:15 AMConference kick-off
11:15–11:45 AMKeynote address + Q&A, Dr. Mildred Cho

Oral presentations Round 1

11:45–12:30 PM

Chinmayi Balusu and Alyssa SalesCan Forensic Neuroimaging Be Ethical?
William ChoiDisambiguation of Consciousness in the Clinic
Dessislava FessenkoThe Technology Innovation Model for Engaging in Global Health Work

Poster Presentations Round 1

12:30–12:45 PM

Caitlin MaloneyDNA collection in United States immigration detention: what is the government’s duty?
Dhriti JagadishNeuro-Voir Dire: A Case for Using Neurotechnology in the Jury Box
Rayaan Rauf“Exploring the Ethics of Integrating ChatGPT into Medical Practice: Patient Privacy, Bias, and Professional Oversight”
Miracle EjidikeEthical Concerns In Big Data Research, A Framework for the Future
Rushabh ShahShould Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning be Utilized by Healthcare Providers to Clinically Diagnose?

Breakout Room Icebreakers + Reflection

12:45–1:05 PM

Oral presentations Round 2

1:05–1:35 PM

Debra Carrol-BeightQueering the Function of Intersex in Clinical Medicine and Society
Kendra DomotorStructural Racism and Discrimination against Marginalized Populations in Dentistry’s Past and Present: Strategies for Tackling Structural Racism at the level of Academic Dental Institutions

Poster Presentations Round 2

1:35–2:00 PM

Sai KurapatiEthics and Ophthalmology Residency: A Preliminary Content Analysis of Program Websites
Zoe Avestruz and Evan WalterMedical education for dermatological diagnosis and care of BIPOC communities is deficient
Vidya VisvabharathyCould resident unions curb burnout?
Michele AnzabiEducational Needs Assessment of Fetal Therapy Board Members
Emiliya RakhamimovaCurricula for Empathy and Compassion Cultivation in Medical Students: A Scoping Review
Lee MelubanTweet with Caution: An Ethical Analysis of MedTwitter as a Tool for Medical Education
Christa WilkIntegration of Bioethical Principles in a Student-Driven First Year Medical Curriculum
Marlene FriisThe Campus Life of Cadavers


2:00–2:20 PM

Oral presentations Round 3

2:20–3:05 PM

Chelluh McGillNarrative Ethics and Maternity
Jessica BarthA Burger with a Side of Racism: Animal Agriculture Exacerbates Systemic Injustice Experienced by Marginalized Populations in the United States
Samuel StreicherMotherhood As A Vector For Sexism in Treatment Refusal Controversies

Poster Presentations Round 3

3:05–3:20 PM

Muzna AliCOVID-19: Equity for the Incarcerated
Joanna BhaskerHealth Literacy and Reproductive Health: Burden on Physicians in the Post Dobbs Era
Caroline HansenCure, Restoration, and the Medicalization of Gender: Where does this Leave Transgender, Non-Binary, and Gender Non-Conforming People?
Hannah CarpenterAffording Access to Contraception
Folasade LapiteTSS (Tampax’s Side Story): The Influence of Menstrual Product Manufacturers on Menstrual Education and its Perception

Breakout Room Discussions

3:20–3:40 PM

American Medical Association, Journal of Ethics Opportunities for Students, Erik Schiller and ASBH Student Sponsorship Program, Gerard Vong

3:40–3:45 PM

Oral presentations Round 4

3:45–4:15 PM

Megan BaileyEquitable Access: Medical Assistance in Dying (MAiD) and Incarceration in Canada
Basel TarabClosing the Cultural Gap with International Patients. Middle Eastern Patients as an Example

Poster Presentations Round 4

4:15–4:45 PM

Sibil ShibuApplying a Human Rights Framework to the Allocation of Artificial Womb Technology
Sana BabanAn Analysis of Challenges Faced by ICU Surrogate Decision-Makers and Recommendations for Medical Institutions in How to Effectively Support Them Through a Quality Improvement Lens
Anish KumarFinding Their Voice: Assessing Capacity in Patients with Aphasia
Francisca FinkelDelays in Care for Incapacitated “Unrepresented” Patients Highlight a Need for Interdisciplinary Discussion and Streamlined Institutional Policies
Francesca ThauCase study: dialysis as a bridge to an accompanied death
Swathi MettelaFar Reaching Stigma: Addressing the Need for Cervical Cancer Screening in Patients with Vaginismus
Fabiana Benedini Galli ZambardinoBioethical Limits of Gene Therapy: A Comparative Perspective
Spencer SchmidThe Ableist Stare: An Interdisciplinary, Narrative-Driven Exploration of Staring at Disabled Bodies
Eric KimBeyond Coverage: A Luck Egalitarian Argument for Making Orphan Drugs Affordable
Sally Yan“Silencing” Duties: An Epistemic and Ethical Division of Labor for Antimicrobial Stewardship